MC Eternal Discord Server setup

Before you start

You will need to notify @macktothefuture for access. The server runs off a whitelist policy and you won't have access otherwise.

Getting ready to play

Install the CurseForge App

If you haven't already, download and install the CurseForge App from CurseForge's official website, the standalone version:

Standalone installation

During the installation it will ask if you wish for standard or advanced installation. Standard should be fine but advanced allows you to specify your installation directory.

Navigate to Minecraft:

In the CurseForge App, find and select the "Minecraft" tab.

Nav to Minecraft

Browse Modpacks:

Go to Browse and type "MC Eternal" into the top search bar. The modpack should appear in the results. Select and install the Pack.

Find Mod

While waiting for it to download

Click the cog in the bottom left to open settings, at the bottom in Game Specific click the Minecraft settings.

Scroll down to Java Settings and allocate 8096MB or whatever your maximum ram is. Settings are saved automatically so click the x at the top right of the settings window and in curseforge find the minecraft MC Eternal installing and wait for it to be done.

Once the mod has finished installing, highlight the MC Eternal mod and click the play button.

MC Eternal

This will launch a custom version of the Minecraft launcher. It will need to do some quick updating and you will need to log in with your minecraft account. Once the launcher has finished that, you can look at the bottom left to confirm it is running the MC Eternal version through curseforge

We're running the newest version of MCEternal so make sure you're running that through CurseForge


If after signing into your windows account you are getting a "Play Demo" instead of "Play" button the game will crash on launch, be sure that you are signed into a windows account that owns the game or is subscribed to windows game pass.