Hey there! My name is Fae Daunt (although I go by Callie online), I make games that no one asks for, and I teach students in an over the top, enthusiastic way.

I'm absolutely obsessed with conveying story, meaning and instructions through the most efficient and sometimes unusual way possible. To this end spend a lot of my time prototyping games, catching up with UI and UX paradigms and studying.

I'm currently mid development of a solo project

The Stranger Next Door - A horror ARG set within a fictional social media. Web pages are often laden with communications, both intentional and unintentional, and in this game I explore how the web sphere can interact with the games sphere. Updates can be found in the blog section (last update can be found here)

This page is an easy way for me to group together all the stuff I tend to find myself doing, and I have attempted to do my best to keep it all tagged! Here you will find:

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