Hey there! My name is Calliope Ransom, I make games that no one asks for, and I teach students about in a most unprofessional way.

I'm absolutely obsessed with conveying story, meaning and instructions through the most efficient and sometimes unusual way possible. To this end spend a lot of my time prototyping games, catching up with UI and UX paradigms and studying.

I'm currently mid development in two games:

The Man Next Door - A horror ARG set within a fictional social media. Web pages are often laden with communications, both intentional and unintentional, and in this game I explore how the web sphere can interact with the games sphere.

Pandora's Box - An adult sci-fi vn with Coraline Valentine and Adrienne Love. We are exploring ideas and narrative within a sex positive, diverse environment.

This page is an easy way for me to group together all the stuff I tend to find myself doing, and I have attempted to do my best to keep it all tagged! Here you will find:

I'm still pulling this site together, so please bear with me!

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