DND4e Legion Condition Cards

These cards are used for reference when a characters gets a status effect, it also allows the player to remember that they are in fact under a status condition.

The design of these cards were mainly pulled from Duane Sibilly's experimentation with Ethan Schoonover’s brilliant Solarized color scheme. The main changes involved:

Example of the cards
Example of the cards

All art in these cards are put together by Katie Babkoff. In the future all the stick figure art will be moved towards character art, stay tuned for these updates!

Page 1 - http://callie.zone/images/LegionCards%20-%20Conditions%201.pdf

Page 2 - http://callie.zone/images/LegionCards%20-%20Conditions%202.pdf

Ongoing Damage cards - http://callie.zone/images/LegionCards%20-%20Ongoing%20damage.pdf