Teaching new coding languages using multiple projectors

On Wednesday I finally got to try and experiment that I have been trying to organise for a good 3 months, I taught a class using multiple screens.

The first question (one my workmates were really interested to know the answer to) is of course, why. Two of my class are introductions to a new language, in one it is HTML while the other has PHP. Originally my classes followed this pattern:

Lecture: Teaching all the new techniques, functions and elements that will be focused on that week Co-operative work: The class works together to solve quiz questions and create basic functionality Self work: Individuals work on solving tutorial questions and projects

But this pattern suffers from two major problems:

In the past I have attempted to close down the lecture after describing something on them to show the real example rather than just the text on the slide but this also has its drawbacks.

So, after dealing with this issue for a trimester I finally got my hands on an additional projector. It was then set up so that the lecture slides existed on one projector while the coding / browser results were always up on the other.

A visual example of the speed students would learn
A visual example of the speed students would learn

My only real worry was maybe the information would come to the students too fast, not giving them a chance to take in the data.

My first class to actually try this went really, really well. While it was only the initial introduction to HTML, students reported that they found the secondary source of information really useful throughout the lecture.

Room setup
Room setup

In future classes I am going to have to really focus on how to use the wall real estate, as I am worried about the refraction / shadowing from the whiteboard that currently sits there. I do expect this technique to slowly get

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