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Recently ported to HTML5, Progress Quest is a wonderful game about doing nothing to achieve everything. But we thought, Homestuck fans are great at doing nothing, why not give them an opportunity to shine as well?

So we stole all the code (we swear it was legit) and we poked and proded and carefully molded it into shape with a hammer until it vaguely represented Homestuck.

Between you, me, and Maplehoof, this is pretty much beta software at this point. Browser support breakdown:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari Aces! Works great! (The original creator thinks)
Opera, Mobile Safari, Internet Explorer Some visual glitches. Should play fine.

Original source code by Grumdig (grumdrig@progressquest.com). Homestuck modifications by Soldevifae and Sebirlinem. Homestuck is a creation by Andrew Hussy